A new initiative will foster tolerance and acceptance among Catalonian youth

A new initiative will foster tolerance and acceptance among Catalonian youth

‘Empowering for Inclusion’ (E4I) has been selected for funding by the European Commission

This weekend, the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat) reported that a multi-partner initiative, which includes its General Directorate of Civic Action and aimed at eradication of racism and xenophobia, had been selected for funding by the European Commission. The project, called Empowering for Inclusion (E4I), will approach 2000 young people from across the region over the next two years to empower them to organize their own actions and raise awareness about the necessity of inclusion in their communities.

The initiative will target 20 secondary schools in Catalonia

In a context of growing intolerance and racism, especially Islamophobia and anti-Gypsyism, the Generalitat considers that the best approach would be to tackle this issue at a place where attitudes can still be moulded – young people’s minds. That is why this initiative will organize multilateral trainings, awareness campaigns and personal support to selected youth groups by using the already existing community networks and resources.

The Marianao Foundation, which is another one of the participating partners in the E4I initiative, will apply a pedagogical methodology to improve social cohesion and young people’s attitudes on questions like diversity and discrimination.

This also previews the hiring of 19 youth community technicians. These are social work professionals who will be in charge of detecting problems in the communal environment and designing solutions which will engender positive changes.

The community technicians will also have the important tasks of being there for the young people in question, guide them along the way and help them with their empowerment in terms of assisting them in the design of activities and turning them into positive role models in the process.

Leading by example is an important influential factor in changing attitudes within youth networks.

The European Commission will provide 467 500 euros towards assuring a successful implementation of the initiative in question.



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