Sensory garden, Source: Ville de Saint-Louis

A sensory path develops the senses of the youngest in this French nursery

A sensory path develops the senses of the youngest in this French nursery

The local kids took active part in its construction

Children and parents in this French municipality are in for a pleasant surprise. A few days ago, a local kindergarten was provided with a new space for leisure and learning. A sensory garden, capable of enhancing the physical development of the youngest, gives them yet another occasion to play.

Learning while having fun

At the Octavie-Krafft nursery school, in the town of Saint-Louis, the five senses of little schoolchildren are being awakened thanks to a new sensory garden. Constructed in the form of a trial by visual artist Coralie Oberlaender and the municipal gardeners, the path takes children on a real journey to self-discovery, right in the middle of the familiar schoolyard.

The course was laid out with boxes filled with logs and recycled wood chips. They have been varnished and arranged so that several paths take shape in the garden.

This way, the pupils of the Octavie-Krafft nursery will get the chance to stimulate their sense of taste, touch, hearing, sight and smell in a playful garden, full of colours. Furthermore, the kids participated actively in its creation by painting large pebbles.

Sensory paths, also known as barefoot paths, (Barfußweg in German) are popular leisure attractions through which one can stimulate their senses by walking shoeless on various surfaces. They are also believed to reinforce motor skills and promote interest in nature and sustainable living.

Getting to know Saint-Louis

Saint-Louis is a French town of 21 thousand inhabitants located in the picturesque region of Alsace, on the borders with Switzerland and Germany. It is home to the international airport EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg.

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