Paphos countryside

Alarm raised about neglect of Cyprus countryside

Alarm raised about neglect of Cyprus countryside

Paphos regional board of tourism calls for a holistic approach to address the problem of disuse and withering

The Paphos regional board of tourism rang the alarm bell about the abandonment and complete ‘withering’ of the Cyprus countryside, calling for a holistic approach to the problem before it’s too late. In a statement, quoted by CyprusMail, the tourism board urged that “a feasibility study for the revitalisation of the countryside must be done before the situation is too late and damage becomes irreversible.”

Upcoming improvements

The distress call was made following an onsite visit to the community of Peristerona, attended by the regional director of the forest department, the head of the Paphos regional board, the leader of the Peristerona Community and an architect-designer. The visit focused on the planning and coordination of upcoming improvements initiated by the Paphos tourism board in partnership with the ministry of tourism, with the aim to open up the countryside, drawing more visitors to rural areas.

The improvements include opening a nature study path, designing a model picnic area, a ready-for-action 92 km cycling route with signage and info boards connecting the communities of Peristerona, Lysos and Steni. These and other actions in various communities of the Paphos district are being implemented within the framework of the Action Plan for 2021, aimed at positioning Paphos, and  Cyprus as a whole, as leading tourist destinations in 2021.  

Don’t wait, vaccinate!

The Cyprus tourist sector is pinning hopes for recovery on domestic and international pandemic-combating measures that will enable the reopening of traditional markets outside EU, such as Israel, Russia and the UK. During a recent visit of Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades to Israel, agreement was reached on free travel for the citizens of both countries who have been vaccinated against Covid-19. From 1 April, Israeli citizens inoculated with an EU-approved vaccine will be able to travel to Cyprus without providing a negative PCR test and without being quarantined.

The mutual recognition of vaccination passports will allow the resumption of flights between the two countries, and Cyprus eyes similar bilateral deals with other states. The removal of health restrictions will give Cypriot tourism a much needed shot in the arm, especially over the Easter holidays, for which the island has traditionally been a favorite destination for Israelis.

Cyprus ranks first among the 27 EU member states in the number of tests performed for the coronavirus, according to the latest data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. 25 899 tests per 100 000 inhabitants were carried out in Cyprus between January 24th and February 7th - almost twice as much as in Denmark, the next best performer. Mass vaccination and other Covid-19 containing measures can help Cypriots achieve herd immunity by the beginning of this summer, the health ministry predicts.

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