Las Atalayas Park in Alicante, Source: Ayuntamiento de Alicante

Alicante shows the way forward for industrial parks

Alicante shows the way forward for industrial parks

Rejuvenation begins with sensorization

The Alicante City Council gave the start to a new process of digitization of Las Atalayas business park in the city with the installation of two towers that are equipped with multiple sensors. This happened at the start of the Christmas period and if deemed successful will pave the way towards similar implementations in all 11 industrial parks of the Valencian municipality with a view towards making them better places for work, productivity and creativity in line with the new understanding of development and the new concepts of an urban environment.

Sensorization as part of the new Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things

The two towers in question will monitor various elements, such as the quality of the air, weather conditions, noise levels, mobility, lighting, carbon monoxide and ozone concentrations, and waste management, among others. This kind of data is increasingly important and relevant for the sustainable management of industrial and urban areas.

The Development Agency is collaborating with the Conservation Entity in the development of Las Atalayas Ciudad Empresarial 2.025 project, a pioneering and innovative project whose backbone is the transformation of an existing industrial area into a more habitable and human-centric area, with an improvement of infrastructures and services that allow changing the perception of its users from a workspace to a space of life, a space converted into a city,” said Mari Carmen de España, Councillor for Employment and Development in Alicante.

This installation represents only one of the steps in an overall plan by the local government to turn their city into a reference point for the digital economy, seen as the main engine that will bring modernization and recovery. This will involve upgrading all of the existing 11 industrial parks with cutting edge digital equipment, as well as providing them with more land to grow.

This plan even has its own name, Alicante Futura, and these are some of the sectors that the authorities would like to see local entrepreneurs get involved in big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, blockchain, telecommunications and scientific research.

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