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Amsterdam bans consumer fireworks for New Year’s Eve

Amsterdam bans consumer fireworks for New Year’s Eve

There will be several professional fireworks shows, however

Amsterdam residents and visitors are set to pass a considerably calmer and, likely, safer New Years’ Eve in 2021. This follows from a local ban on the release of consumer fireworks, announced by the city council on 8 October. Authorities promise, however, that the festive atmosphere will be guaranteed this year again, albeit in a more controlled manner – with a professional fireworks display in the central area and each neighbourhood.

Amsterdam takes away fireworks from citizens; offers a supervised party in return

Last week, Amsterdam announced a long-awaited decision on the use of consumer fireworks for New Year’s celebrations, namely – their ban. The decision is reportedly justified by the fact that the majority of Amsterdam residents are disturbed by the nuisance and are in favour of such a step.

To enforce the rule, the city had to amend the General Local Regulation (APV). The local ban follows a temporary national ban on the display and selling of fireworks in place for last year. The latter, as TheMayor.EU reported, was meant to prevent injuries and avoid creating additional burden for the healthcare system, which was already under serious strain due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although it is no longer allowed for consumers to light up fireworks, it is still possible to purchase and sell them, which makes control problematic. The city thus hopes that an information campaign will improve awareness of the ban and of the alternative celebrations that local authorities are organising.

This year Amsterdam is organizing a special New Year's celebration on the Museum Square (also known as Museumplein). The location was picked for its accessibility and the possibility to make it safe and ensure sufficient distance, limiting the spread of COVID-19. Thus, starting from 10 p.m. there will be a musical performance, lights and laser shows, and a professional fireworks display to follow close to midnight.

On top of this, the capital city will organize a fireworks show in every district and will make a subsidy available, to enable grassroots festive initiatives of citizens. Naturally, the public events depend on the unfolding of the coronavirus pandemic and the existing restrictive measures in place.

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