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Athens unveils a new Olympic Museum

Athens unveils a new Olympic Museum

The museum explores the Hellenic influence on the Olympic Games

Athens Olympic Museum opened its doors to the public on Friday 14 May when Greece ended its lockdown and lifted its restrictions on the operation of indoor cultural venues. The museum is located in the Athenian suburb of Marousi in the Golden Hall shopping centre.

This new cultural establishment explores the history of the Olympic Games from antiquity to modern times and portrays Athens as their birthplace.

Exploring the Hellenic influence

According to its website, the museum’s permanent exhibition illustrates the way the Olympic Games evolved through time. That is, the exhibition reportedly depicts three important themes and periods: Birth (Ancient Olympia), Revival (Athens 1896), and Return of the Olympic Games to Greece (Athens 2004).

Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee Spyros Capralos explained that this museum carries tremendous importance to Athens and Greece. Taking this further, the news agency Greek Reporter writes that Capralos believes it will showcase the Hellenic influence on the modern Olympic Games.

Health and safety measures

It is important to note that the new museum complies with the health and safety guidelines that are currently in force to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. As such, all staff and visitors will have their temperatures checked upon entering the museum.

Moreover, all guests and personnel will also be expected to use masks and antiseptic solution before and after coming into contact with surfaces. Antiseptic solution will be provided by the museum via electronic dispensers.

Visitors must also comply with social distancing and maintain 2 metres between themselves and other guests of the museum. Finally, group visits will be permitted as long as the number of visitors does not exceed 9.



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