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Austria introduces lockdowns for the unvaccinated

Austria introduces lockdowns for the unvaccinated

Medical authorities in Vienna will start vaccinations for children between 5 and 11

Starting today, all unvaccinated people in Austria are under lockdown. The move was prompted by the recent spike in COVID-19 infections, reaching an all-time high on Sunday, at 11,552 new cases. Furthermore, hospitalisations are also on the rise and the medical system is starting to feel significant strain, according to Alexander Schallenberg, the country's new Chancellor.

What does ‘lockdown for the unvaccinated’ mean?

The Chancellor explained that the new lockdown applies to everyone over the age of 12 who has not received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Said people are forbidden from leaving their homes except when going to work, grocery shopping, a walk or to get the vaccine.

The lockdown applies to nearly 2 million people out of Austria’s 8.9. Local authorities have stated that they will carry out random checks and fines can be up to 1,450 euros.

At the same time, medical authorities in Vienna have approved the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The shot for children has not yet been approved by the European Medical Agency, but it has been greenlit in the USA.

The vaccination rate is ‘shamefully low’

During a press conference last Friday, Schallenberg explained that at a firm 65%, the vaccination rate in Austria is shamefully low, currently under the EU average. He continued by explaining that the situation is quite serious and measures are necessary if the government is to do its job to protect the Austrian people.

The country is home to numerous vaccination initiatives, such as last week’s vaccination-in-a-brothel offer from Vienna.



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