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BayernApp - new digital service introduced to the citizens in Bavaria

BayernApp - new digital service introduced to the citizens in Bavaria

An app that will help digitalise municipalities and reduce the flow of people, queueing for hours

In the German State Bavaria, the authorities have introduced an app that will allow citizens to get in contact with the administration of their municipality or a specific service. It connects over 150 online services and around 6,000 authorities.

BayernApp was presented by the Bavarian Minister for Digitalisation Judith Gerlach (CSU) where in the first few days of its launch, the app had 15,000 downloads showing great interest in the digital mechanisms of the local authorities.

What can the app do?

The app offers a wide range of information and services related to the public administration in Bavaria. Some of those are:

  • Online fundraisings for authorities directly from the app
  • Save watch lists with documents required for administrative services
  • Keep in the category favorites for administrative services, authorities and statues
  • Share information on administrative services and authorities with others
  • others

In many large cities such as Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Augsburg, and Würzburg, this will help citizens save time queuing for documents that can be issued online through the app. However, people cannot use the app when they need to change their IDs or passports, they still need to go to the Town Hall for that. The good news is requesting marriage, birth and death certificates is possible.

Digitalisation is growing in smaller cities

Digitalisation is beginning to develop in smaller towns as well. Spiegelau and Frauenau in the Bavarian Forest, have been part of the project “Digital Village”, which aims to modernise its administrations.

If a municipality wants to participate in the app service it can do that but this is not a requirement for all municipalities. 214 municipalities and districts are listed in the app. There are more than 2000 cities, markets and communities throughout Bavaria.

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