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Berlin mulls further improvements to home office work

Berlin mulls further improvements to home office work

The local administration has successfully transitioned to working from home but improvements can still be made

The Berlin Senate still sees room for improvement when working from home and is ready to discuss future improvement plans with local business associations. From the point of view of the local government, many options are not yet used when working from home. This should be discussed with the business associations in the next few days in order to achieve even more in the field, according to Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz.

Making life more comfortable for everyone

"We want to make it very clear once again that it is important that the topic of mobile working as much as possible and working from home as far as possible is actually implemented," said the Senator. "We have implemented this very largely in the area of ​​the state administration," said Kollatz. However, not all administration employees who no longer go to the office actually have comparable opportunities for work at home.

Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) had demanded more home office offers from the economy at the meeting of the House of Representatives on Thursday. "I believe that employers must take their responsibility and obligation in connection with fighting the pandemic much more than before," he stated. “Wherever services are not to be provided directly to citizens or where direct production processes are involved, it must be possible to support employees in the phase of combating the pandemic in which we are now and to be able to remain at home."

Remote work has grown to become the safest and most effective way for local administrations to continue doing their jobs and it only makes sense for officials to seek ways to improve the experience, considering the fact that the coronavirus situation will unlikely be resolved in the near future.

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