El Club de los gatos, Source: Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Book clubs go online, and Madrid is no exception

Book clubs go online, and Madrid is no exception

Members of “El Club de los gatos” get the option to discuss books wherever they might be

Avid reading fans in Madrid now have something new and exciting to look forward in times of shortage of great news. The Network of Municipal Libraries in the Spanish capital has reported that an online book discussion club will start operating on the 8 September. It will be called “El Club de los gatos” (The Club of the Cats), owing to the popular moniker for Madrileño natives, who are colloquially known as gatos.

The “Cats” will combine the love of reading with their local pride of Madrid

The new club even has a motto – “Read from home and miaow online”, alluding to the convenience that is offered by having the chance to borrow books digitally and then discuss them remotely. Just like any other book club, this one will also propose titles for its members to read.

Properly speaking, the club itself consists of three sub-clubs called: ‘Books to change the world’, ‘Masked’ and ‘Black October in Madrid’, each of which will be organized around a different theme. The book circles will have a duration between three and four months, and once completed will be replaced by new themes and titles.

The book club aims to give its members more flexibility and peace of mind, as well as more options than a real-life reading circle. Members will be able to discuss the texts via online forums that will be available 24/7.

They will also have the chance to watch videos of talks by authors, critics’ conferences, music and the like. Occasionally there will be in-person meetings, too.



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