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Bucharest introduces an hourly ticket in the public transport

Bucharest introduces an hourly ticket in the public transport

Public transport in the Romanian capital is becoming more suitable for its passengers

As of Monday, 8 March, the city administration of Bucharest announced the introduction of a new hourly ticket that can be paid for via electronic payment platforms such as SMS or an app.

The ticket is valid for one hour from the moment of purchase and can be used on multiple means of transport. The new price will be the same as a single ticket - RON 1.30.

Promoting electronic payments via text message or an app

According to the mayor of Bucharest Nicușor Dan, one of the reasons for introducing the hourly ticket is to encourage electronic payments.

Mayor Nicușor Dan shared on the official Facebook page of the Bucharest municipality: “During the pandemic, we must adapt to new situations, which will give us as much safety as possible in our daily lives. Another advantage of this hourly ticket is that anyone who changes multiple means of transport saves money and time, precisely because within an hour, will pay the ticket price once.”

Clean and civilised public transport

In the short term, the mayor wants to focus on civilised, clean and conventional public transport. To support people to use more public transport, the city administration is trying to make these conditions a priority.

The new ticket is planned to encourage more people to pay for their journeys, which at the moment is something of an issue. Public transport suffers a lot of losses from non-payers, who avoid paying due to various reasons.

In order for citizens to use these services, they must update or install the B-Pay app from Google Play or AppStore and access the “Hourly travels” section. The traveller needs a bank card to make the payment or send a text to 7458.

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