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Cannes to boost vaccinations with phone support service

Cannes to boost vaccinations with phone support service

The new line targets the most vulnerable citizens

Cannes is deploying a special telephone information cell, aimed at boosting vaccination rates among some groups of society. In particular, new phone service will target vulnerable or isolated citizens, who have not received even a single shot yet, for various reasons. According to the French city website, in the whole country, some 5 million patients with severe illnesses and accompanying medical conditions are in this situation and the time is up to take bolder action.

Making vaccination a local affair

Unlike previous Covid waves, this time around we have readily available vaccines, especially for the most vulnerable citizens. However, if the end of the pandemic seemed visible when the first vaccine breakthrough was made, the situation does not seem as optimistic these days. Due to the many uncertainties related to vaccines, many people still fear possible side effects and as a result, delay getting the shot.

Even if by nature such action is supposed to be the responsibility of national authorities, the Municipality of Cannes decided to take the matters into its own hands and make additional efforts to support its unvaccinated citizens. That is why, since 2 August, the city authorities offer a new service to accompany, advise and reassure vulnerable and isolated persons, who are willing to get a jab but still have some doubts about it.

The official definition of citizens vulnerable to coronavirus is broader as it also includes the elderly above 70, severely obese people and pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy. To get their questions answered, targeted citizens will be able to reach medical professionals over the phone, on workdays from 8h30 to 15h. Calling 04 92 99 86 01 will also give them the chance to schedule a vaccine appointment.

Separately, the city is carrying out an active awareness-raising campaign through phone calls. Cannes authorities reminded the public that thanks to the action of different medical and administrative teams, 97% of the seniors of the public accommodation facilities have already been vaccinated.



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