Catalonian Government puts sustainable road construction out to tender

Catalonian Government puts sustainable road construction out to tender

This is part of a plan that will involve 13 projects over the next year

Today the official website of the Government of Catalonia announced that call for proposals has been placed with a view to fulfilling 13 projects that will compose the Sustainable Roads Plan of the autonomous region. The underlying rationale behind the initiative, worth more than 25 million euros, is to use innovation as the driving engine to competitiveness and economic growth.

More sustainable materials and methods in road construction

This tender is part of the larger RIS3CAT Public Procurement Innovation Programme, which is a strategic policy on part of the Catalonian authorities to turn their region into one of the leading research and innovation centres of Europe.

The Sustainable Roads Plan contributes to this overall vision through the promotion of innovation in the development and application of more sustainable materials and technologies for the processes of road design, paving, construction and maintenance, while maintaining their functionality and safety.

As for the sustainability which is the main focus of the Plan, this is expected to be achieved through the reduction of emissions, circular economy and energy sustainability. There are specific measures that are key to these goals:

  • Reduction of the energy balance. This would involve lowering the manufacturing temperatures (for example by using cold mixtures) and reducing the transportation. This would lead to fewer emissions, less ageing of the bitumen (asphalt substance) and improvement of the working conditions.
  • Products made from recycled materials. This involves the re-usage of by-products, such as milling material, tire dust, steel aggregates, ceramics from engines, engine oils and plastics.
  • Increased durability. The prolonged road life cycle of the roads would lead to a reduction in material consumption and expenses.
  • Roads as sources of energy. New technologies and materials that would make it possible for roads to actually generate energy through the accumulation of solar radiation, for instance.

Likewise, the Plan also has a provision for novelty as far as the participation of the companies and the system for evaluating the winning beneficiaries.



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