Cluj-Napoca Christmas Market , Source: Cluj-Napoca Municipality

Christmas market in Cluj-Napoca ranked among the most beautiful in Europe

Christmas market in Cluj-Napoca ranked among the most beautiful in Europe

The magical fair awaits visitors until 31st December

The Christmas market in Cluj-Napoca, located in Romania’s Transylvania region, is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. The Romanian city is ranked 8th in a top list made by the European Best Destinations (EBD) organization.

The list of the Best Christmas Markets in Europe is based on the votes of more than 280,000 travellers from around the world. The fair in Cluj-Napoca has received 14,442 votes.

The title of the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe went to the Advent Feast at the Basilica in Budapest, Hungary, receiving a record of 39,448 votes. The previous record set in 2018 was by the Christmas markets of Zagreb which received 38,830 votes.

The top 10 continues with the Christmas markets in Vienna (Austria), Gdansk (Poland), Brussels (Belgium), Montbeliard (France), Basel (Switzerland), Metz (France), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Valkenburg (The Netherlands), and Novi Sad (Serbia).  

Celebration for the whole family

The Cluj-Napoca Christmas Fair represents a celebration for the whole family (familion in Romanian), children, parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, pets and so on. Cluj-Napoca offers a really friendly time and place to be in. When you enter the gates of the Christmas market, a whole world of fairy tale opens up ahead of you, in a beautiful setting guarded by the majestic church of Saint Michael.  

The little sweet white houses that charm your view with their clean lines host the most amazing selection of seasonal vendors. The sparkling ice of the skating rink invites everyone for a ride around the statue of Matia Corvin. Every evening, carolling and seasonal music concerts draw visitors towards the main stage for a huge dose of Christmas spirit. The Christmas market in Cluj-Napoca awaits visitors until 31st December.



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