pet vending machine, Source: Dog & Style

Croatia’s first vending machine for pets can be found in Zagreb

Croatia’s first vending machine for pets can be found in Zagreb

Snacks, toys and all manner of other goodies are available for purchase at the machine

Earlier this month, Zagreb’s first vending machine for pets was unveiled by the owners of the Dog & Style pet shop. The vending machine offers plenty of pet-related goods that will give owners the opportunity to shop and purchase essentials even when the store itself is not open.

A first of its kind in Croatia

The vending machine is the first of its kind in the entirety of Croatia. It was unveiled earlier this year as part of the Dog & Style shop at 15 Mainza Street. According to the store’s press release the vending machine itself was conceived and thought of as a gift to all their loyal customers and their four-legged friends who might sometimes find themselves in need of specific items while the shop is closed.

The vending machine will thus always allow for pet owners to have some necessities at hand even at the strangest hours of day. Inside it, one can find a wide range of goods – including bags, treats, food and toys, all of them available 24/7.

Already, the machine has become extremely popular. According to store owner Ženja Moskaljov, they record over 180 purchases each month with most of them being registered during the weekends when the store itself is closed. Thanks to these stellar results, Dog & Style is planning to add two additional machines around Zagreb by the end of the year, making it even easier for pet owners to quickly procure essential and needed items.

Of course, the shop is always on the lookout for feedback. If you have any ideas as to what else can be added to the list of items available at the vending machine, don’t hesitate to let Dog  & Style know of your suggestion at



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