A view of Dresden's historical city centre and the Elbe river , Source: Oliver Guhr / Unsplash

Dresden gets ready for a photovoltaic offensive

Dresden gets ready for a photovoltaic offensive

The city kicked off 2023 with a new municipal department – the Office for Climate Protection

In the first week of 2023, the German city of Dresden launched an Office for Climate Protection. Its first order of business - to start a photovoltaic offensive in the city. The offensive, according to a statement, should be a comprehensive solar expansion strategy factoring in Dresden’s advantages.

Additionally, the new body of the local government will have to strive to achieve emissions reduction and a transition to green energy while negotiating between different stakeholders like building organisations, private companies and etc.

Energy potential for the city

According to a study by the Leibniz Institute for Ecological Development, building-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems hold the most potential for renewable energy in Dresden. Moreover, they can make a meaningful contribution in terms of sustainability and reaching net zero emissions for the city.

The Office for Climate Protection’s first task would be to launch a PV offensive in the city – designing a comprehensive solar expansion strategy and increasing the adoption of the technology. According to an official statement, the strategy would focus mostly on roofs of municipal buildings and to a lesser extent, the facades and fire exits.

Furthermore, there are propositions for leasing large roof areas to third parties, which could invest in renewable energy. The new body would act as a facilitator and advice centre for other stakeholders such as housing companies with the aim of accelerating the expansion of the use of solar energy.

Dresden now has a timetable for climate neutrality as Mayor Stephan Kühn adopted the deadline of 2035 last December.  

He was quoted in a press statement saying: “As one of the first tasks, the department will develop a concept for the development of solar potential on municipal buildings and explore further potential in the entire city.”



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