new electric cars for the eco patrol in Warsaw, Source: The new electric cars of the eco patrow in Warsaw are fully equipped. Photo by City of Warsaw

Eco patrol of Warsaw get new electric cars

Eco patrol of Warsaw get new electric cars

Protecting animals depends on the possibility of using specialized equipment

The eco patrol of the City Guard of Warsaw has received five new electric cars equipped with everything necessary for animal interventions, report the city authorities. The cost of PLN 1.1 million is covered by the municipal budget.

Each vehicle is equipped with plastic cages for transporting animals and equipment for catching animals. All windows in the transport compartment are protected by a metal net protecting the windows against damage by the transported animal.

The vehicles meet the requirements of a priority vehicle in road traffic. They are equipped with GPS devices and mobile recorders. Fully charged the electric cars can drive a minimum of 120 km. Electric vehicle charging stations have been installed on the premises of the Municipal Guard at 8/10 Sołtyka street.

Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski gives electric car to eco patrol officer

The Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski together with an eco patrol officer. Photo by City of Warsaw

The reason to choose electric cars is that the city wants to fight global warming, clarifies Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, quoted by the municipal portal. “This purchase also has a practical dimension, because these cars will be able to move on bus lanes and thus get to the place of intervention faster”.

Almost 10 000 animals saved last year

Ekopatrol has been operating for 20 years. In 2019 in the capital of Poland, they helped 9,965 animals - 50.5% birds, 47% mammals and 2.5% reptiles. Currently, the unit operates within the structure of the Environmental Protection Department. The officers prevent, among other things, the homelessness of animals and counteract threats to human life and health caused by leaving pets unattended. They also help sick and injured wild, exotic and feral animals. The implementation of these tasks depends on the possibility of using specialized equipment, including efficient transport that allows for rapid intervention.

In Warsaw, there are 39 guards who have undergone specialized training. They help not only homeless, abandoned or injured animals, but also wildlife that has strayed in the city. Increasingly, Ekopatrol's job has been to catch exotic animals such as pythons, agamas and spiders that have escaped breeders or have been thrown out of private farms.

Finally, the work and involvement of guards also provides a lot of support for other services and institutions, including the police, the State Fire Service, the Poviat Veterinary Officer, and the City Forestry Department.



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