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European cities and networks facing Covid-19: an overview of measures

European cities and networks facing Covid-19: an overview of measures

Here are also some suggestions on events for companies and policymakers that might be interested in attending

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds around the world, the critical role of local and regional governments in ensuring the physical, emotional and societal health of their residents has never been clearer.

Local leaders and communities have been key to introducing early restrictive measures, as well as approaches to mitigate the impact of the restrictions for people and to support those at the highest risk. Local leaders have the most direct contact with the individuals impacted by the pandemic and are embracing their responsibility to serve and respond to hardship.

Sustainable travel

They are also introducing innovative policies and programmes to allow local residents to cope with the crisis. For example, the Municipality of Budapest (Hungary) has introduced temporary bicycle lanes across the city, providing residents with a safe and sustainable way to travel during the pandemic.

In Bristol (United Kingdom) and Zaragoza (Spain), the respective cities are offering free parking spaces to healthcare workers. While cities like Ghent (Belgium) and Tallinn (Estonia) have introduced new policies to support local businesses.

As a global network of local and regional governments, ICLEI too is also helping cities respond to the pandemic, through organising a wide range of online events and webinars which seek to give local authorities advice and guidance during these difficult times.

Public procurement for medical supply

Later this month, ICLEI alongside the EIC Accelerator will organise an online market engagement e-pitching event to connect public and private procurers from the health sector with EIC companies providing medical supply (e.g. personal protective garments, medication, test kits, respiratory machinery, etc.) and innovative technologies (e.g. tele-medicine, remote solutions, artificial intelligence for data analysis and prediction, etc.).

The online event, which will bring together European procurers and up to 40 EIC companies, will provide procurers with the opportunity to outline their needs and the challenges and problems they face in relation to COVID-19. The EIC companies in attendance will then be able to pitch solutions to these challenges.

The European Urban Resilience Forum 2020

On 27 May, the European Urban Resilience Forum - an event organised by ICLEI and the European Environment Agency - will take place as an online event, exploring the interrelation between urban resilience and health.

ICLEI will also participate in a new upcoming webinar series, from April-June, which will explore the procurement of resilient education technology during the COVD-19 pandemic. With schools and universities closing and classes moving online, this five-part webinar series will hear from both teachers and innovation procurement professionals and explore how procurement can learn from this current crisis and procure effective learn-tech now and in the future.

9th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns

ICLEI will also explore how our events scheduled for later this year can be organised to ensure that everyone can participate. For example the 9th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns - Mannheim2020, which is scheduled to take place Sep 30-2 Oct in Mannheim (Germany).



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