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Festival of Lights returns to Zagreb this month

Festival of Lights returns to Zagreb this month

The Croatian city will become a canvas where light artists can display their work from 16 March to 20 March

The spring season is rapidly approaching as temperatures are steadily rising and flowers are slowly blooming all around. With people now eager to say goodbye to the cold winter days and return to the outdoors, the Croatian capital is getting ready for the 2022 Festival of Lights. 

Taking place from 6 pm to 11 pm on 16-20 March, this festival welcomes the beginning of spring and the ‘awakening of life’. What is more, it marks the start of the tourist season as it invites both visitors and residents to step outside of their homes and immerse themselves in a new and colourful environment.  

View lights installations at more than 30 locations

The Festival of Lights first lit up Zagreb’s streets and buildings in 2017. At the time, only 7 locations in the city centre became brighter and more colourful. Following the success of the 2017 event, Zagreb expanded the festival in 2018, setting up light installations in 19 places. 

Now, the 2022 Festival of Lights will feature over 30 installations as artists use the city as well as its buildings and public spaces as their canvas. With such a large number of light displays, visitors will have to map out and plan their routes beforehand to ensure that they see everything the festival has to offer. 

The installations will all be unique, with some using augmented reality and 3D projections. Expanding on this, visitors will have the opportunity to see a hopscotch installation that will awaken the child within them, a light lounge where they can sit and rest on lighted furniture, and a laser show, among others. 

To view the full list of the upcoming light displays and their locations, visit the Festival of Lights’ website



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