Frederiksberg currently has 380 charging points on its public roads

Frederiksberg is on track to achieve its sustainable mobility goals

Frederiksberg is on track to achieve its sustainable mobility goals

Soon, 97% of its residents will live less than 250 metres away from a charging point

On 15 February, the Danish Municipality of Frederiksberg revealed that its plan to have a charging station within a maximum of 250 metres from every building will soon become a reality. More specifically, a recent survey found that 97% of all citizens over the age of 18 will live close to a charging point once the municipality installs all the planned stations.

Accelerating the green transition

The municipality listed the aforementioned goal in its municipal plan last year, explaining that in order to convince residents to use green vehicles, it must first provide them with appropriate infrastructure. At the moment, it has 380 charging points on its public roads. What is more, this number is rapidly increasing as it continuous to install new stations.

Beyond this, the survey further found that the municipality’s green cars more than doubled in 2021. According to a press release, 5.7% of Frederiksberg’s vehicles were either electric or plug-in hybrid cars.

This achievement is impressive, considering that the municipality planned to increase the share of green vehicles to 5% by 2023. In other words, it has reached its target more than a year earlier. Chairman of Frederiksberg Municipality’s Environment, Urban Nature and Mobility Committee Jan E. Jørgensen commented on the two findings, noting:

“The whole premise for more people to choose electric cars over fossil cars is that the charging infrastructure is in place. We are well on our way to succeeding in Frederiksberg. We are the municipality in Denmark that has the most charging options per inhabitant, and therefore I am pleased to see that more and more people are choosing a green car.”

Mayor Michael Vindfeldt also commented on these accomplishments, explaining that they are in line with Frederiksberg’s charging guarantee as well as its desire to become Denmark’s Electric Car City No. 1. By installing sufficient charging stations and ensuring that they are easier to reach, the municipality facilitates the green transition and encourages people to switch to more sustainable mobility.



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