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Free interurban transport to unemployed people who take training courses

Free interurban transport to unemployed people who take training courses

Unemployed people in Madrid will be travelling to vocational courses free of charge until 2022

The Community of Madrid is launching an innovative system to finance journeys on public transport for unemployed workers who are in training. The regional government has signed an agreement with the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid to cover the cost of interurban public transport for the unemployed, so as they could participate in vocational training.

The aid amounts to 4.8 million euros until 2022. These grants will be made effective through free recharges of the transport cards of the eligible beneficiaries. The recharges will be carried out in the management offices of the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid that are selected for such purposes and will potentially benefit 9,500 unemployed Madrileños every year.

The eligibility conditions to receive the grant are:

  • Residence within the municipalities of the Community of Madrid other than the one in which the training action takes place;
  • Be unemployed and registered as a job seeker;
  • Having passed the first 25% of a training action leading to a certificate of professionalism in face-to-face mode, of duration equal to or greater than 200 hours, not including the practice module.

In the case of the National Reference Centers, students who take training courses not conducive to certificates of professionalism, will also be taken into account.




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