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Free public transport on Fridays, as Cluj-Napoca joins Green Friday campaign

Free public transport on Fridays, as Cluj-Napoca joins Green Friday campaign

The objective is to reduce pollution

As of April, citizens of Cluj-Napoca in northwestern Romania will have the opportunity to use free public transport on Fridays. This was announced by mayor Emil Boc last Friday as the city became part of the Green Friday campaign, an initiative started by the Romanian Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests.

With regard to climate change and the reduction of pollution in big cities, the Romanian government is promoting a campaign urging people to use public transport, bike or walk on Fridays instead of driving to work. Last Friday, both Mayor Boc and Romanian Prime Minister Florin Cîțu went to work on foot to set an example and to promote the campaign.

“We will analyse with the local bus company in Cluj-Napoca the financial implications and go through the legal procedures for developing a City Council decision in this respect, from project to public consultation, etc.,” stated the city mayor.

“I encourage you to opt for alternative means of transport (bikes, public transport, walking), and the local authorities to make the transition to low emission urban logistics or as close as possible to zero,” added Prime Minister Florin Cîțu.

“Green” direction for urban mobility

The city administration of Cluj-Napoca has set a clear “green” direction towards prioritising urban mobility and modernisation of public transport. The city will continue to implement projects that develop the urban network of alternative mobility. The creation of new bike tracks connecting the neighbourhoods, the arrangement of public transport lanes on several sections, issuing taxi authorisations for electric cars, as well as continuing to purchase electric buses, trams and trolleybuses are some of the future plans for the city.

By 2030, Cluj-Napoca has set itself the goal of making its entire public transport fleet electric, non-polluting, and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the municipality and the metropolitan area. Charging stations for electric cars, bicycles and scooters are going to be installed as well.

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