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French students can now claim meals for one euro

French students can now claim meals for one euro

As well as checks for psychological assistance

Since 25 January, all French students have the right to an entire meal for one euro only. The offer is valid regardless of the student’s right to a scholarship and can be claimed at each café or university restaurant part of the network of Crous– Centres for University and Student Affairs.

The measure naturally comes in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and aims to counteract poverty among young people, who were hit particularly hard by the corona crisis.

Mitigating the social effects of Covid-19 on the youth

As of the last Monday, each French student, willing to benefit from a low-cost meal, can do so twice a day at the symbolic price of 1 euro. For this modest amount, students will receive a three-course meal consisting of a starter, a main course, a dessert and a fruit of their choice.

The two meals can be purchased either separately or at once from one of almost 400 Crous catering establishments currently open. The only condition is that the student presents an Izly account at the counter. Due to the sanitary restrictions in place, the meals can be for takeaway only, however.

Prior to the adjustment, the price of a meal at Crous was 3,30 euros, or over three times higher. The measure is thus part of the country’s effort to tackle the social and economic effects of the pandemic.

Back in September, ahead of the start of the school year, the French state made one meal for euro per day available for each student entitled to a scholarship. On 21 January this year, President Emmanuel Macron announced the extension of the crisis-driven offer to include all students, including international and raised the limit to two meals a day.

The President further announced the creation of psy-check allowing students to consult a psychologist and receive care.

The measures are oriented towards some 2,7 million students who are still not allowed to attend physical lessons. However, it is expected that in February the regime will be slightly relaxed, and it will be possible to visit universities once a week.

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