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Gabrovo invests in underground waste containers

Gabrovo invests in underground waste containers

The Bulgarian city has four new sites with underground facilities for separate waste collection

As of today, 28 September, four new sites with underground containers are available for use by the citizens of Gabrovo. That way, the total number of underground sites in the Bulgarian city becomes six.

Separate waste collection in Gabrovo is mandatory

The new underground facilities for separate waste collection have been built and located at Svishtovska Street 81, Mladost Street 5, 12 and 57. Each facility has three containers - two for recyclable and one for biodegradable waste.

Inside each container, there is a specialized bag with a volume of 3 cubic meters, made of high-density polyethene, which does not allow the passage of liquids and the effects of atmospheric conditions. The vessels are dug into the ground for 2/3 of their size.

The waste is disposed of through a manual lid located on the above-ground part of the container. A special device is installed in the receiving compartment of the waste containers, which does not give access to their contents, and the lid is closed with a mechanism for smooth lowering.

Information stickers are placed on the containers, clearly indicating the type of waste to be put in each one of them. In addition, the lids of the containers are in different colours - yellow for recyclables and brown for biodegradable waste.

Underground containers contribute to the reliable collection of waste, minimize the appearance of unpleasant odours and prevent the scattering of waste around them. The Municipality of Gabrovo adds that through the use of underground containers, the separate collection of waste is carried out with much higher effectiveness and more involvement from the citizens.

The new underground facilities are financed from the budget of the Municipality of Gabrovo. They are made by the Serbian company Corali OOD, which was selected following a procedure under the Public Procurement Act.

The Municipality of Gabrovo reminds that placing waste outside the garbage cans is prohibited. Anyone who wants to get more information about the rules and requirements for separate waste collection can visit the website: 



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