Fernando Guldrís, Source: Xunta de Galicia

Galician authorities lend a shoulder to digital start-ups

Galician authorities lend a shoulder to digital start-ups

This is made possible with the creation of a specialized online platform

The global coronavirus pandemic has forced governments to take a closer look at the state of the economies in the regions that they govern. This has been a period of direct subsidies and creative thinking for providing support and stimulating economic activity by all means possible.

One of these showcases comes from the northwestern corner of Spain, where earlier today a video conference was organized by the Galician Government (Xunta) with the aim of discussing ways to promote the internationalization of small and medium enterprises from the region working in the IT and technology sphere.

Galicia is better known for its cultural offerings but its Government wants to update such a perception

The video conference was attended by Fernando Guldrís, who is the director of IGAPE - the Galician governmental agency responsible for the economic promotion and development of the territory. The meeting served to present the redefined and strengthened platform, which has been specifically designed to respond to the needs of local SMEs and aid them in making their presence on the international markets more visible.

On his part, Mr Guldrís emphasized the importance of the digital products and services for the Galician economy and how these companies were putting their best efforts in order to recover the ground they had gained before the coronavirus crisis struck. Since foreign sales are essential component of this recovery, it was only deemed natural to devise a tool that would help along start-ups in the world of international commerce.

Important know-how on the intricacies of this sphere was shared by representatives from the sales departments of leading digital companies, such as Innova Digital Export, Amvos Digital, Ebay and Unite/Mercateo.

Everyone praised the importance of innovative marketing channels, such as the presented platform, in the mission to achieve global expansion.



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