DB advises to skip on non-essential travel plans during the strike period, Source: Depositphotos

German train drivers begin their strike tonight

German train drivers begin their strike tonight

The labour action will go on until 6 pm on 16 November, so passengers are advised to postpone non-essential trips

Starting today, at 22:00, staff working at the state-owned Deutsche Bahn (DB) railway operator will go on strike, which will end tomorrow, 16 November at 18:00. The labour action is organized by GDL, the train drivers union, which demands better pay rates and reduced working hours for its members.

The strike will affect long-distance trains as well as some regional S-Bahn lines. In practical terms, this means that passengers should expect a slew of cancellations and delays in the services. That’s why, DB advises commuters to postpone any non-essential train trips they have planned during the 20-hour period affected by the work walkout.

The train drivers’ strike precedes negotiations

The labour action itself aims to show the potency of the unionized workers to disrupt the public transit system in the country. Negotiations between GDL and DB over the issues of concern to the train drivers have been scheduled to go on Thursday and Friday (16-17 November).

GDL represents 10,000 workers and it demands a monthly salary increase of 555 euros for each of them in order to meet inflation pressure and the cost-of-living crunch. Additionally, the union is asking for a one-off payment of 3,000 euros for each worker in order to make up for the inflation crunch in the past months.

Furthermore, the union would like to see a reduced working week – from 38 to 35 hours in order to provide more time for the train drivers to rest and de-stress.

According to DW, DB personnel chief Martin Seiler responded to the announcement by saying that the GDL leadership "is now showing its true face — it was never interested in solutions."

Earlier this year, EVG, a trade union representing the rest of the railway workers at DB negotiated improved conditions through an arbitrator.



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