Social distancing is back on the menu

Germany announces lockdown for the unvaccinated

Germany announces lockdown for the unvaccinated

People who didn't get the jab will experience restrictions reminiscent of last winter’s situation

Today, the German government announced a new wave of Covid-restrictions, aiming to curb the spread of the disease and relieve pressure on overloaded hospitals. For the past couple of weeks, infections have been increasing at a dramatic pace and health authorities reported 75,000 new cases yesterday alone.

Furthermore, death rates and hospitalisation rates are up. In fact, for the past week federal states in Germany have been passing critical cases from hospital to hospital in search of available beds.  

During the Conference of Prime Ministers, 16 federal state representatives met with Angela Merkel and her would-be successor Olaf Scholz to discuss new measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lockdown for the unvaccinated

Anglea Merkel presented the new restrictions. The government has introduced the so-called 2G rule in the retail sector. This means that only the vaccinated and recovered can enter certain stores, excluding pharmacies and supermarkets.

The same rule applies to cultural and leisure venues. Furthermore, clubs and dance halls will have to close if the local seven-day infections rate exceeds 350 per 100,000.

In a move quite reminiscent of last year’s holiday season, the unvaccinated will have to reduce the number of people they meet in private as well. Social distancing is back on the menu.

Unvaccinated people should limit meetings outside of their household but they are allowed to have contact with a maximum of two people from another household. Children up to the age of 14 are excluded.

Solidarity and a vaccination push before Christmas

Outgoing Chancellor Merkel explained the new measures as an act of national solidarity, both to healthcare professionals, frontline workers and people that are at risk of severe infections. She continued by saying that it is also a necessary step to reduce infections.

Olaf Scholz doubled down on his pledge to have an additional 30 million people newly vaccinated by Christmas. He also said that there will be a vaccine mandate for specific professions, like care workers in homes for the elderly, however, the specifics on that will be decided in the Bundestag.

He also said that parliament should grant dentists and pharmacists the right to vaccinate, thereby expanding qualified staff so that it can meet the challenge of a possible vaccine surge.



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