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Going to school to learn how to be a grandparent?

Going to school to learn how to be a grandparent?

This option has existed in the Madrid Region since 2012

The Ministry of Social Policies in the Madrid region announced yesterday that it is relaunching the so-called Escuela de Abuelos (School for Grandparents) from 6 May. That initiative, which this year will begin as an online format, has existed in the autonomous region since 2012, and in other parts of Spain even longer. Its essence is to show current or prospective grandparents how to be better at fulfilling this family and social role.

Fostering stronger grandparents-grandchildren relationships

The government website of the region informed that the free courses of this school are offered to people who are over the age of 60 and who would like to improve their educational and communication skills within their family circles.

And who says the elderly cannot go to school and learn new things? Especially, things that are of great interest and concern to them. Given that both parents tend to be occupied with careers and paying for the bills, it is often that the raising of the youngest generations falls as a task and duty for this age group.

Family is important everywhere, and especially so in Spanish culture, where it is the unit in which cultural values and customs are carried forward from one generation to the next and so forth. It is the environment where most people still look to for support in their difficult moments in life.

Reported statistics show that in that region, 25% of out-of-school minors are cared for by their grandparents and 75% of grandpas and grandmas lend a helping hand with the education and development of the kids.

That is why, the workshops offered in the School are designed to tackle family relationships between generations, communication issues, the psychological needs of kids and teenagers, as well as the importance of a good emotional and sexual education. Furthermore, there are even topics range from educational guidelines of contemporary schools to prevention of addictions.

The overall course lasts six hours divided into 3 sessions with the number of participants per session not exceeding 25 people. Five such workshops will be offered this year.



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