NGOs will be able to provide refugees with legal and psychological support in Google's Startups Campus

Google to assist NGOs supporting Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Google to assist NGOs supporting Ukrainian refugees in Poland

It is providing financial aid and transforming its Startups Campus in Warsaw into a centre where local organisations can provide legal and psychological assistance

Last week, Google announced that it will allocate around PLN 40 million (over EUR 8 million) to Polish organisations helping refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Through its charity department, the company will support humanitarian activities which will assist refugees not only in the short term (i.e., during their first weeks in Poland) but the long term.

Financial aid and centres for support

In a press release, Google revealed that it is donating over PLN 10 million (over EUR 2 million) to the Polish Centre for International Aid: an organisation offering immediate support by evacuating people from conflict zones and providing transport, accommodation, and resources. In addition to this, the company will allocate nearly PLN 4 million (around EUR 809,000) to the Association for Legal Intervention, which is part of a consortium of social organisations helping refugees in Poland. 

Further providing financial assistance, Google created a fund worth the remaining PLN 26 million (over EUR 5 million). Using this money, the company will assist local NGOs in helping refugees who have fled to the country. Beyond allocating funds, the company will also transform its Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw into a space where NGOs can provide refugees with legal and psychological support.

On 7 March, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki commented on the war in Ukraine, sharing that Russia’s aggression does not only involve military actions but disinformation. As such, he pointed to the responsibilities of big companies like Google, explaining that it is their duty to eliminate fake news and limit the influence of Russian propaganda. 

Google is reportedly monitoring the situation in Ukraine, acknowledging that the needs of refugees can and will change. For this reason, it is working with local organisations to search for new ways to best support those fleeing the war.  



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