Greece-Cyprus ferry link launch possible in May 2021

Greece-Cyprus ferry link launch possible in May 2021

The project is currently in its final stages and will most likely connect Limassol and Piraeus

A ferry link connecting Greece and Cyprus is nearing completion as Cypriot state officials believe that it is reasonable to believe that the route will be completed by May 2021. Readers familiar with TheMayor.EU’s reporting on the subject might recognize such promises as the expected delivery date of the project has shifted around for the past few years. The latest expectations were for the route to be operational by the summer of 2020, but the pandemic and other unforeseen obstacles put a stop to such hopes.

Cheaper and more environmentally friendly

Cypriot deputy shipping minister Vassilis Demetriades stated that the May objective remains within reach and it is the government’s goal to have it primed and ready for the 2021 summer tourist season. The 30-hour ferry trip might also feature intermediary stops, with Rhodes currently seen as a likely contender.

He further explained that the route, which will most likely connect Limassol and Piraeus, is in its final planning stages and the estimated ticket prices vary between 50 and 80 euros – thus presenting a cheaper alternative to flying, made possible thanks to EU support for the project.

The entire route was first scrapped over 20 years ago when it proved to be economically untenable. Yet recent changes to the EU’s approach and its view on low-carbon alternatives to flying has allowed for funding to find its ways to previously discarded transport options. Furthermore, support from the EU will allow the link to sustain lower ticket prices, thus giving it a special kind of appeal for low-income citizens and students.

By embracing such alternative forms of mobility and making them easily accessible for everyone, regardless of their purchasing power, both Cyprus and Greece, are significantly contributing to the EU’s overarching fight against climate change.



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