Green Santa Claus in Paris, Source: Pascal Montary / Ville de Paris

Green Santas deliver presents and meals to disadvantaged families in Paris

Green Santas deliver presents and meals to disadvantaged families in Paris

Some 6 000 children will receive presents this year thanks to this initiative

This year once again in Paris thousands of disadvantaged individuals will receive food and presents, despite the logistical difficulties caused by the healthcare crisis. This will be made possible thanks to a group of volunteers from the French charity Secours Populaire. In the holiday season of 2020, a network of “Green Santas” will deliver joy to no fewer than 6 000 children from disadvantaged households. You can help their cause, too.

This Christmas, Paris wants to leave no one behind

This year the Secours Populaire of Paris is rethinking its traditional Christmas activities in order to offer dignified end-of-year celebrations to people in precarious situations. With the help of Santa Clauses dressed in green, the association is launching a digital collection of donations and a set of initiatives to help those who need it the most: children, women and men, both on their own or in families, students, seniors, and homeless people.

With its resources coming mostly from donations (58% in 2019, according to their own data), Secours Populaire is asking for online contributions on their website, or via the Lydia app on 75 75 75. These funds will help finance all the initiatives related to this year’s donations and in particular – to load the sleigh of the green Santa Claus from the facility of the organisation in Paris with gifts.

According to the estimations of the organisation, indicated on the website of Paris, this year Green Santas will meet and offer gifts to 2 500 households and 6 000 children which is more than in 2019. The gifts range from toys for the little ones, to gourmet baskets or cultural experiences to adults.

Furthermore, starred chef Guillaume Sanchez will deliver an exceptional Christmas meal to 40 homeless women in the City Hall on 25 December. Just one of the many activities prepared by the charity, which can make a real difference for the disadvantaged persons living in the French capital.



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