Swimming pools are the new hot item to be rented out this summer in Spain, Source: Depositphotos

Growing trend in Spain lets owners rent out their swimming pools

Growing trend in Spain lets owners rent out their swimming pools

Unlike private accommodation rentals, this doesn’t require a tourist license

Renting someone else’s private swimming pool began as an occasional thing in Spain necessitated during the Covid pandemic’s lockdowns when people were desperate for some fresh air and outdoor spaces. An entrepreneur from that country, however, saw a new business opportunity and a niche in the leisure and tourism sectors and founded a platform, called Cocopool, which allows pool owners to rent out their water ponds to others.

The renting of the swimming pool also includes the adjacent garden space, so it has become an interesting option for those looking to organise an event al fresco, such as a birthday party, that would be a more appealing option in the sweltering summer season.

Origins in Barcelona

The platform is operating only in Spain for now and more specifically in the larger cities of Madrid and Barcelona, having begun in the Catalan capital. However, lately, it is also growing in Valencia and Andalucia.

The rental of spaces has become the business of the summer,” says Gerard Xalabarde, CEO and co-founder of Cocopool, quoted by La Vanguardia. “In fact, the private pool rental market is currently a growing option throughout Spain and is a trend that is attracting more and more attention from both owners and bathers.”

There are obvious financial perks for the property owners – an average booking of a swimming pool goes for about 480 euros per six hours and some owners have stated they have earned up to 10,000 euros per year, although a profitability of about 4,000 euros is more common.

However, it’s not just the money. Another benefit for the owners is that unlike those advertising short-term accommodation, they don’t need a tourist licence. That’s because there’s no overnight stay involved.



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