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Hamburg’s e-vehicle surge

Hamburg’s e-vehicle surge

Hochbahn is employing more and more e-vehicles in its fleet

Hamburg Hochbahn, the city-owned public transportation company, responsible for most of the urban travel in the area is going ever further in adopting new climate-friendly approaches. Recently Hochbahn announced that the company’s electric bus fleet has grown to 30 vehicles – just one short year after the first such bus was put into operation in the city.

Furthermore, the local e-scooter provider, Voi, has seen a marked increase in use. As a result, the developers have increased the area of operation of its vehicles and is ready to provide more scooters to citizens of the Hanseatic city.

Climate ambitions

The goal for Hamburg’s local authorities is to have its whole bus fleet be transformed by 2030 – by then, all buses should be emission-free. Currently, over 200,000 kilometers have already been covered by zero-emission vehicles. In 2020, a further 30 buses new electric buses are set to be added to the city’s public transport network, expanding its climate friendly capabilities.

By 2025, Hochbahn hopes that it will be able to purchase an additional 530 emission-free buses, while simultaneously using new rapidly developing technology in order to convert the remainder of its fleet – all in order to reach its climate targets.

Citizens of Hamburg have also taken up an unprecedented interest in e-scooters. Voi – the city’s provider for such vehicles reported that during the 3-month trial period, locals had made over 200,000 trips – twice as many as the company was expecting prior to rolling out the service. In order to meet demand for the hot new trend, Voi immediately purchased 40 new e-scooters and put them into circulation, increasing the total amount of vehicles to 100. Not only that, but the area in which they can operate has been significantly expanded, covering far more ground than what was envisioned during the trial period.

Hamburg has been at the forefront of Germany’s approach to climate change, employing a vast array of smart solutions to urban problems, significantly improving the lives of citizens.



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