Haskovo to finance 14 citizen-proposed projects

Haskovo to finance 14 citizen-proposed projects

They are worth a total of 50 000 euros

The Bulgarian Municipality of Haskovo announced that it will provide funding for project proposals made by citizens from its budget under the "Civic Initiatives 2020" programme. The decision for which of them to receive financial support was made by the commission for distribution of financial support, according to City Hall officials.

Improving the condition of public municipal property

Until 20 August 2020, civic associations, non-governmental organizations, initiative groups and church boards had the opportunity to apply for funding for small projects to improve the state of public municipal property. Such are, for example, the inter- apartment block spaces, the recreation areas and the sports and children's playgrounds.

The total amount of funding under the announced first call for applications is BGN 100,000 (50 000 euros). Of these, BGN 70,000 are intended for financing project ideas within the city of Haskovo and BGN 30,000 are intended for other settlements in the municipality.

Over the course of the call, Haskovo Municipality received a total of 25 project proposals. The Commission for Distribution of Financial Assistance under the “Civic Initiatives 2020” program then evaluated and ranked all submitted projects.

Funding will be given to 14 project proposals, which collected the highest number of points after summarizing the individual evaluations and until the exhaustion of the financial resources under the announced call. Eight of them will be implemented on the territory of the town of Haskovo and 6 on the territory of different settlements within the municipality.

The civic projects that have qualified for funding aim to build playgrounds, to improve the surrounding areas, as well as to create recreation and sports areas. The list of reserve civil proposals includes 8 projects.

Out of the total of 25 applications that were received, three project proposals were rejected. The full list of projects can be found on the website of Haskovo Municipality.



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