Mobile Clean Point in Huelva

Huelva authorities remind residents about the mobile recycling multi-container

Huelva authorities remind residents about the mobile recycling multi-container

These devices exist in Spain to foster a stronger culture around recycling and facilitate residents

Huelva officials informed yesterday, 18 January, that the so-called Mobile Clean Point (a large recycling container with various sections) is back in service for the new year after it had been thoroughly cleaned and fixed. Just like before, every Monday it will be placed in a different neighbourhood with the aim of raising better awareness around recycling and making it a common habit, as well as facilitating residents of distant neighbourhoods or those with reduced mobility to dispose of some of their waste.

The Mobile Clean Point serves the same purpose as the fixed recycling drop-off centres

Most Spanish cities already count with the presence of recycling drop-off centres where residents can go and dispose of bulky items and others, such as electronics and appliances. The problem is that many of these are located in the peripheries and require their own transport to be reached, which makes them not so useful for everyone. That is why Mobile Clean Points have been introduced as a solution.

These are large containers, which collect a variety of household objects that residents are usually unsure about how to throw them away. Items, such as electronics and electrical objects, textile and shoes, toner cartridges, lamps, CDs/DVDs, expired medicine, batteries, aerosols, fluorescent tubes, paints, solvents, varnishes and used cooking oils are exactly the type of trash that the multi-container accepts.

It, however, does not have the capacity to take bulky items but the Huelva City Council reminds citizens that there is already a free collection service dedicated to this that operates upon request.

The Mobile Clean Point has an established route, which changes, as mentioned above, every Monday. Nevertheless, neighbourhood associations are notified in advance of its upcoming arrival so that there is time to notify residents through social media and so that they can check if they have suitable items for recycling.

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