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Hungary puts up defences against second wave of coronavirus

Hungary puts up defences against second wave of coronavirus

Among them is compulsory mask wearing indoors, total ban on hospital and care home visits, closing of nightclubs at 11 p.m.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán announced yesterday immediate measures to defend the country against the second wave of the coronavirus, which, according to epidemiological experts, will peak sometime around December-January.

In a solemn style akin to a military communiqué, Orbán declared that his government had a war plan designed to protect the elderly, heal the sick, and at the same time maintain the functioning of society and the economy.

We have won the battle against the first wave, we now have to face the second wave, more prepared and experienced, and armed with a national consensus,” the Prime Minister said, quoted by MTI.

Outlining a package of protective measures, Viktor Orbán said that

  • Border restrictions remain in place
  • In addition to public transport and shops, using face masks is made mandatory in cinemas, theatres, health and social care institutions, and customer reception offices
  • A blanket ban on visits to hospitals and nursing homes is maintained
  • From October 1, students and teachers can enter schools only after measuring their body temperature
  • Nightclubs must close at 11 p.m. to prevent the spread of the coronavirus
  • The price of PCR tests is capped at HUF 19 500 (EUR 54.20).

Health system in good shape

Orbán assured every single Hungarian that the country’s health system is well prepared and “if you catch this disease, we will cure it”. He said that hospital beds, ventilators, doctors and nurses are available in sufficient numbers, but that, if necessary, the existing over ten thousand beds can be increased two- or threefold.  

Finally, Viktor Orbán asked everyone to follow the rules for their own sake, but especially for the elderly and the sick. He added that he had instructed the police to strictly control adherence to the rules and punish those who did not comply with them.



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