'Adopt a tree in your neighbourhood' is the new sustainable programme of Romanian city of Iasi

Iași with a new eco-friendly programme

Iași with a new eco-friendly programme

The initiative is titled 'Adopt a tree in your neighbourhood'

The Romanian city of Iași starts a new eco-education programme called "Adopt a tree in your neighbourhood". Citizens can adopt a tree and take care of it during its growth. Those interested must complete a questionnaire provided by the City Hall.

By completing the questionnaire, the citizen undertakes to care for the adopted tree and to report to the local authorities any problems with growing it. Each tree will receive a name from the adoptive parent, and the this will be used to identify it on the digital map of Iași.

People may choose the location / neighbourhood where they want to adopt a tree for the time being. When a tree is planted in the targeted location, the adoptive parent will be asked whether he wants to adopt it from a database maintained by City Hall and SA Public Services. Adoptive parents will also be given a certificate.

Citizens can spend time outside and help to reduce carbon emissions

This new initiative will help citizens spend more time outside especially in times of pandemic crisis and it will help reduce pollution by planting a tree and taking care of it.

′′We hope the programme will be successful. We already have 30 people signed up for the programme. With this gesture, everyone can help protect and improve environmental natural conditions, reduce environmental pollution and pollution sources. If we manage to associate our children with as many trees in the city as possible, I am convinced that the love of nature will grow!," said mayor Mihai Chirica in a press conference.

The City Hall signed a contract with Schubert & Franzke, a company that will incorporate the new module, for the display of trees on the interactive map. The location of the trees will be visible on the Iași digital map.



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