In 2021 Ruse will prove itself as a 'City of Knowledge'

In 2021 Ruse will prove itself as a 'City of Knowledge'

Innovative tourist and educational services form the bases of the projects that will be implemented

Ruse is making a serious bid to strengthen its image as a "city of knowledge" in 2021. Last week, the Bulgarian city announced that, under the "Knowledge and Growth" program, it has given the go-ahead of seven projects worth a total of BGN 58 583 (around 30 000 euros). They are in the field of intelligent tourist services, interactive education and protection of cultural heritage and will be implemented with the support of the local foundation "Ruse - city of a free spirit" and the private courier company "Econt Express".

Seven innovative projects will start in 2021

First, starting next year, residents and guests of Ruse will have the opportunity to get acquainted with buildings that have already disappeared or have been destroyed. Among them are the Islahhane Hotel, the Fisher Restaurant, the Royal Cinema and the offices of the first Bulgarian insurance company. The exterior of these buildings will be visualized with the help of 3D 360-degree model and will be made accessible through an online platform with a QR code.

Key moments of the Bulgarian National Revival history will be visualized through multimedia platforms, designed by the Regional History Museum. They can be seen in the renovated Pantheon of the participants in the National Revival movement.

Additionally in the field of culture, the regional library plans to open two new zones, called "From 0 to 5" and "Argonauts", respectively. The youngest visitors will find the House of Knowledge, a space equipped with sensory-spatial panels, where they will be able to explore and experiment within an intriguing and controlled environment. In addition, children will be able to discover iconic urban sites connected to the Danube river while travelling on an interactive ship, as well as through QR code and augmented reality (AR) applications.

Among the other initiatives that stand out is a project that will see the teaching of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and building personal skills through games, as well as the practical acquisition of basic skills in programming and robotics. The latter will lead to the creation of an interactive curriculum accessible to teachers and students.

Finally, hundreds of children from Ruse will work together to create a "Big Book of Knowledge about Ruse and Bulgaria". The students will help to bring to life historical moments through research and the digitization of relevant documents.



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