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Italy's Trentino to receive 300 million for sustainable recovery projects

Italy's Trentino to receive 300 million for sustainable recovery projects

The financial support comes from the European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank announced that it will support the Italian Province of Trento in all sustainable public sector projects and in the sorely-needed economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. According to the signed agreement the EU bank will provide 300 million euros to the northern Italian province. The initial tranche of 160 million euros has already been finalised. 

The institution which will support the economic development and infrastructure construction and management within the Province of Trento is “Cassa del Trentino”. It will be responsible for channeling the financial resources to municipalities and public entities.

Sustainable projects and post-Covid-19 reconstruction

Eligible for financing will be projects in the sustainable transport, public infrastructure, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, urban development, and renewal sectors. Investments will be also allocated for tackling and mitigating climate change.

In addition, eligible for financing could be any projects of municipalities and public entities that aim to alleviate the effects of the economic and social crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, funding can be granted to projects which promote public transport use over a car-led recovery.

The maturity of the loans can be up to 20 years, with a 4 year grace period. Another piece of good news coming from the EIB regarding all those who own AAA rated bond issues and enable it to offer long maturities and favourable rates to loan beneficiaries is that disbursements from Cassa del Trentino will be subject to a guarantee from the Province of Trento.

Trento is the first province in Italy to use such manner financial support from the EU bank, available to regions and provinces for sustainable investments for the sake of driving the recovery of the economy. As you know Italy was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic in all spheres of public life and is thus in sore need of any kind of aid that can be offered by the EU and its institutions.



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