Beach huts on the coast of Jutland

Jutland’s West Coast set to become one of Europe’s leading coastal destinations

Jutland’s West Coast set to become one of Europe’s leading coastal destinations

Danish municipalities have joined forces to transform the coast into a green and attractive tourist destination by 2025

The West Coast of Jutland is one of Denmark’s most popular tourist destinations. The coast extends for approximately 500 kilometres and runs through numerous municipalities. On 7 October, the City of Lemvig reported that a partnership has been formed with the aim of transforming the coast into a green and sustainable destination.

A total of 10 municipalities and multiple companies in the tourism industry have now joined forces to form the Partnership for West Coast Tourism. Together, these bodies have outlined and prepared a new development plan that seeks to turn the area into Northern Europe’s most attractive coastal holiday destination.

Focusing on the green transition

Mayor of Lemvig Municipality Erik Flyvholm explained that the plan seeks to make Jutland’s West Coast a green and sustainable tourist destination. Flyvholm further revealed that the partnership is currently planning on introducing electric buses that will allow travellers to leave their cars at holiday homes and use sustainable transport in the coastal areas.

According to the Minister of Trade and Industry Simon Kollerup, embracing the green transition will give the west coast a competitive advantage. Taking a case in point, investments in green infrastructure and accommodation will undoubtedly attract more tourists. What is more, they will certainly result in the creation of more jobs and, therefore, positively impact the economy.

An ambitious plan

The Partnership for West Coast Tourism has set itself the extremely ambitious goal of making Jutland’s West Coast one of the leading coastal destinations in Europe by 2025. With such an impressive goal, it is not surprising that the aforementioned development plan consists of 5 focus areas and 22 initiatives.

Ultimately, the plan seeks to upgrade the area by investing in the green transformation of the tourism industry, accommodation, and infrastructure. Moreover, it sets out to portray nature as the main attraction of the area and increase the number of tourists on the coast.

The partnership consists of several companies and the following municipalities: Hjørring, Jammerbugt, Thisted, Lemvig, Holstebro, Ringkøbing-Skjern, Varde, Esbjerg, Fanø and Tønder.



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