Labin Living Streets Programme, Source: City of Labin

Labin to hold Living Streets Programme this weekend

Labin to hold Living Streets Programme this weekend

It will promote sustainable mobility, offer educational workshops, and ban vehicles from Zelenice Street

The Croatian City of Labin is holding its first ever Living Streets Programme on 25-26 June this weekend. During this two-day event, the city’s residents will be able to take part in a rich programme that encourages sustainable mobility and environmentally friendly habits.

What will the programme entail?

On Friday and Saturday, the city will intervene with public spaces to offer citizens a new experience. More specifically, Labin will close Zelenice Street and use it as an example of an urban space that is tailored to pedestrians, rather than vehicles. With this action, the city seeks to significantly reduce traffic and promote sustainable mobility.

Taking this further, the Living Streets Programme is intended for people of all ages, professions, and interests. In a press release, the city explains that it invites young people, senior citizens, entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and cyclists to participate in the weekend’s activities.

These activities include educational workshops, film screenings, climate-themed games, and the opportunity to receive free advice on solar energy and the creation of solar power plants for your home.

Aims of the Living Streets Programme

With this weekend’s event, the municipality wants to spark important conversations regarding the climate and environment. Moreover, it aims to adopt better urban policies which promote green mobility and reduce pollution.

Through the programme’s educational workshops, Labin further hopes to persuade residents to form other habits which will benefit the environment. Taking a case in point, the city explains that citizens must work towards reducing their use of disposable plastics.

Labin’s Green Plus Project

The Croatian city is adamant on becoming a leader in sustainable development. As such, Mayor Valter Glavičić has initiated the Green Plus Project which seeks to transform the city and develop sustainable ways of living and working. This project will be implemented by the public administration as well as the city’s companies and institutions with the ultimate goal of transferring good practices to other local communities in the region.

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