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Lublin Triangle to strengthen cooperation between Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine

Lublin Triangle to strengthen cooperation between Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine

In the fields of regional security and defence, economy and reforms, among others

Lublin has once again taken the centre-stage in Polish diplomacy. On 28 July, the Polish city welcomed foreign ministers of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine who discussed the challenges facing the EU and NATO. The three European states announced the so-called Lublin Triangle whose aim is to expand and reinforce their cooperation in the military, economic and social spheres.

Acting better together

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz, together with his counterparts from Lithuania - Linas Linkeviczius, and Ukraine - Dmytro Kuleba discussed EU and NATO relations with Ukraine. The goal of the Lublin Triangle is to expand and strengthen cooperation in the area of ​​security in response to common threats in the region, deepening tripartite military and defence ties using the full potential of NATO and the EU, further developing economic and social cooperation, developing the EU Eastern Partnership initiative and supporting the reform process in Ukraine.

They also signed a declaration suggesting regular meetings of ministers of the three countries and consultations between representatives in the future. During the meeting, it was also recalled that the countries already cooperate within the LITPOLUKRBRIG brigade - an international unit located in Lublin, part of long-term cooperation in NATO's eastern flank.

Lublin – the top of the triangle

The location of the first meeting was not chosen randomly, of course – Lublin has an important historical place in this collaboration. It was here that on 1 July 1569 the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania signed an agreement known as the Union of Lublin.

The three ministers were joined by Deputy Marshal of the Lublin Province Zbigniew Wojciechowski, the Mayor of Lublin Krzysztof Żuk, the Deputy Governor of Lublin Bolesław Gzik and the generals of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Konstanty Ostrogski, in laying wreaths at the Monument to the Union of Lublin.

Then, the governmental representatives visited the command of the LITPOLUKRBRIG. The next meeting of the Lublin Triangle is planned to take place in Ukraine.



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