Don't miss out SPARK on 3-4 January in Madrid, Source: Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Madrid may not have snow, but it will begin the new year with a unique show

Madrid may not have snow, but it will begin the new year with a unique show

If you’re in the Spanish capital on 3 and 4 January, then head to the Sabatini Gardens to experience awe

Madrid isn’t known as a place to head out if you would like to experience winter holidays covered in snow, and this winter this holds true even more what with the unusually high temperatures. However, if you happen to live or visit the Spanish capital on 3 or 4 January, we recommend that you visit the Sabatini Gardens where a special show called SPARK will take place.

In essence, this will be a luminous cloud consisting of a myriad of sparkling lights floating in the air. For full effect, it will only take place in the evenings from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Inspired by fireflies and stars

Although we likened it to the magic of falling snow, the organizers of the show which combines art, design and technology claim that their inspiration were the fireflies and the stars of the galaxies in the night sky.

The installation aims to lead the public to reflect on their connection with nature. Through a combination of design and technology, thousands of sparks of light made from biodegradable materials will float silently on the ever-changing wind. 

Going beyond the tradition, which often celebrates the most important moments of the year with spectacular fireworks, SPARK's dynamic cloud gives rise to an experiment that aims to inspire the public to wonder and reflect on their connection with nature. 

Thanks to the growing collaboration between Studio Roosegaarde, Draiflessen Collection and The Wellbeing Summit, artist Daan Roosegaarde has come to develop this innovative landscape artwork, which aims to transform fear of the future into curiosity. It invites everyone to be part of the journey towards an environmentally friendly city. 



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