Don't miss out on the Madrid Christmas subway ride, Source: Metro de Madrid

Madrid Metro rolls out a Christmas train on the tracks

Madrid Metro rolls out a Christmas train on the tracks

The subway system wants to uplift commuters’ spirit during this special time of the year

Starting today, 13 December, the Madrid Metro has put a specially themed Christmas train running on Line 6 of the city’s underground mobility network. It will circulate there until 6 January, which is the Day of the Three Magi in Spain (El Día de Los Reyes Magos) and the end of the period of winter festivities.

Decorating trains with Christmas motifs is a novel idea for the subway company. And they have decided to push the envelope in their creative efforts. More than 700 linear meters of led lights are installed outside the train, placed both on the perimeter of the windows and doors and on the upper part, giving the carriages a really spectacular look and a sight to behold for commuters waiting on the platforms.

There are surprises waiting inside, too

Once the train arrives, however, the marvels will not end with the external presentation as the passengers will get a pleasant surprise when they step inside, as well. As a novelty, several Christmas characters will also be travelling inside, welcoming commuters to the carriages and congratulating them on the occasion of the holidays. They will also cheer them up with Christmas music that they will play on their portable speakers when the train opens and closes the doors.

The train will run until 6 January on line 6 (the network’s circular line), which is the most used of the entire network.

Madrid Metro had already experimented earlier this year with train decorations. Some of the trains were covered in special vinyl foil for other celebrations or events. Recently, a Line 6 train was decorated with the image of some of the players and the flags of the six countries that were part of the last phase of the Davis Cup tennis tournament, which was held from 25 November to 5 December in Madrid. The aim of this initiative was to encourage fans to travel to the Madrid Arena venue using this means of transport.



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