Madrid opens new accommodation locations for victims of gender violence

Madrid opens new accommodation locations for victims of gender violence

In order to meet the increased number of cases of gender violence during the COVID-19 home isolation

The Madrid City Council has launched a new emergency shelter for domestic violence victims in shared housing, announced officials on Thursday. This move aims to meet the increase in the number of female victims of gender violence who reported that they need protection and a safe environment with regards to the Covid-19 isolation.

A surge in domestic violence signals during the coronavirus isolation

The new service comes to expand the accommodation capacity of the Madrid Consistory for victims of gender violence, as the city registered a considerable increase of signals, just like the rest of the country. The premise is of a temporary nature and consists of three houses with 15 places for women and their children. There, victims will be offered social support activities, aimed to facilitate their recovery.

After being accommodated in these facilities, women are cared for by a social worker and a social educator which should ensure the protection and safety of the women and their children, promote the social and labour integration of each woman housed, facilitate their access to services and local resources and promote access to definitive housing solutions through home orientation and search.

The new resource for shared housing complements the services of the emergency centres of the Protected Accommodation Network, which during the pandemic caused by COVID-19 have reached almost 100% of its capacity. This was due to the increase in the number of calls to 016 by 47.3% throughout Spain during the months-long home isolation.

Several countries have taken action to meet the increased need of accommodation and professional help to victims of domestic violence, caused by the isolation. France, for example, provided hotel accommodation to victims, while two German states launched a hotline for male victims. The Romanian capital of Bucharest was also forced to open a new social centre – the biggest one to date in the city.



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