Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and Madrid President Isabel Díaz Ayuso at their meeting, Source: Comunidad de Madrid

Madrid presented its progress on digitalization to Commissioner Gabriel

Madrid presented its progress on digitalization to Commissioner Gabriel

This was an integral part of the European Commissioner’s trip to Spain

The Spanish capital of Madrid hosted Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, when she stopped by for a two-day visit replete with high-level meetings.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the President of the Madrid region and José Luis Martínez–Almeida, the mayor of the city, both presented the Commissioner with the remarkable progress that Madrid has been having in terms of digitalization thanks to ambitious plans on part of the authorities.

Madrid aims to become the most digitalized region in Europe

On 9 September, Mariya Gabriel met with Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The regional president presented some of the initiatives that have been unfolding under her stewardship.

The regional government has developed pioneering projects, such as the new 360 Office model, which involves the comprehensive transformation of the Public Service Offices into a digital platform. Another project is the Digital Factory, an example of innovative public procurement that will allow working dynamically with all the technology-based companies. 

Likewise, the Digital Innovation Centre of the Community of Madrid was created - an initiative that has been included in the list of candidates of the European Commission to be part of the European Network of Digital Innovation Centers. That Centre already has an advisory council made up of 50 members of the most important technology companies and organizations in Spain.

In the educational sphere, the two officials discussed the new subject that was introduced in secondary schools of the region, and which provide students with a deeper understanding of the European Union.

Commissioner Gabriel also attended the opening of the annual Madrid Book Fair

Today, 10 September, it was Madrid’s mayor's turn to meet with the Commissioner. Mr Almeida talked about the Spanish capital’s long-awaited inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

He then informed Mariya Gabriel about a project to create an urban laboratory in terms of innovation in mobility that will allow startups and freelancers to have a regulated space in the city in which to test their projects and verify their technical and economic feasibility. 

That project will serve to attract investment and talent to the city in order to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and achieve optimal development.

After the meeting, Almeida accompanied Mariya Gabriel to visit the gardens of the El Retiro park to introduce her to one of the properties included in the Landscape of Light World Heritage Site. Later they attended the opening of the Book Fair (Feria del Libro) chaired by Queen Letizia of Spain.



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