Madrid becomes accessible city, Source: City Council of Madrid

Madrid receives accessibility recognition

Madrid receives accessibility recognition

The Capital of Spain has a great number of accessible points including shops, cinemas, restaurants and public spaces

This week Madrid has been recognized as MAPcesible City by Telefónica Foundation for its awareness of the problems of accessibility and the accessibility of the urban environment and public spaces, buildings, means of transport and communication systems.

On Monday the Mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida received the award for the City Council’s work in the field of accessibility. Their actions include specific courses for the care of people with disabilities, cooperation with the Madrid sports federations for people with disabilities, among others.

The city also works to adapt to the regulations of accessibility and removal of barriers in youth hostels, senior centres, sports centres, nursery schools, public schools, markets and business incubators. The installation of acoustic warnings at traffic lights and accessible furniture in playgrounds, as well as the conservation, installation and signalling are other measures that the capital already applies. In terms of mobility, there have been actions to improve accessibility in buses, stops and the website of the Municipal Transport Company through the INCLUSITE system.

Mapping the accessibility of Spanish cities

The award comes after the creation of a special application having the objective of assessing the accessibility of public places and to know the real barriers they present. The MAPcesible app was developed by the Telefónica Foundation and allows anyone, whether they have reduced mobility or not, to map the ease of use of the places they visit and plan their daily trips.

While receiving the award Mayor Almeida encouraged all the people who live in Madrid to use this application, to nourish it with information and thus build “a city in which we all fit and that we can all enjoy”. 

So far, the app counts more than 27.000 accessible points. Apart from Madrid, there are three other cities with the "MAPcesible ciudad" label - Logrono, Santander and Avila.



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