Mask-wearing indoors, however, will still be a thing, Source: Comunidad de Madrid

Madrid Region to drop practically all restrictions on 4 October

Madrid Region to drop practically all restrictions on 4 October

The only requirement that will stay in force is the wearing of masks indoors

The regional government of Madrid announced that on Monday, 4 October, many of the social restrictions will no longer apply thanks to the more than satisfactory progress in vaccinations against COVID-19. The new Order will be published this Saturday in the Official Gazette of the region.

With that Madrid is joining an increasing list of governments in Europe that are looking to turn the pandemic tide and restore normal daily life, the way it was known before the coronavirus arrived.

Is normal life finally making a return?

According to data cited by the authorities, the downward trend of coronavirus infections is consolidating, placing the Accumulated Incidence (AI) at 7 days, to date, at 27.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and at 14 days at 64.2. In addition, vaccination coverage with two doses in the target population exceeds 87%.

In this context, the regional Ministry of Health will abolish in general for all sectors of economic or social activity the capacity restrictions, both in their interiors and exteriors. General preventive hygiene measures must still be respected, nevertheless.

Restaurants and bars can now freely welcome customers. Similarly, capacity limits in places of worship, religious celebrations, funeral facilities, commercial establishments, libraries, museums, cinemas, theatres, cultural facilities, recreational and cultural shows, sports facilities will be removed.

Madrid being Madrid, there is a special wording that, likewise, bullfighting festivals will also not have restrictions in attendance.

Still, there are two rules that will remain in place, at least for the time being. The first is that the ever-ubiquitous masks will still have to be worn in indoor public places, although that perhaps will not apply to places that involve the consumption of food and beverages.

The other remaining restriction is the one not allowing indoor dancing, for example in nightclubs. The reasoning here is that such activity cannot guarantee social distancing at all times.



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