The Citizen’s Digital Account is expected to make lives much easier for residents of the Region of Madrid, Source: Unsplash

Madrid residents will deal with the administration through a personal online profile

Madrid residents will deal with the administration through a personal online profile

All the services that used to require waiting in endless lines will now be available in the palm of a hand

The Region of Madrid is getting ready to go full-on digital when it comes to daily administrative dealings with its residents. This will be possible through the new Citizen’s Digital Account, whose design and construction have been put out to tender by the regional Ministry of Local Administration.

In essence, the Citizen’s Digital Account will be a personalized online profile (or wallet), which will allow the residents of the region to forget all about running to and fro and waiting in lines and enjoy the convenience of approaching their desired public office from any electronic device.

Comprehensive citizen’s profile

The platform is meant to be comprehensive and multi-channel, so no matter whether you want to obtain info on your children’s school or apply for a housing rental subsidy, you’d be able to do all of it there.

Each Madrid Region resident will have their own digital identity, being able to even sign documents or plan their appointments. Likewise, it will be possible to adapt the profile according to the user's preferences such as age or family and work situation.

Additionally, through a simple notification system, the status of any transaction such as applications for benefits, taxes, fees paid, aid received or social and clinical history will be reported in real-time.

The Citizen's Digital Account will offer assistance through a chatbot, which will respond to frequent queries or collaborate with the user in submitting applications in a guided manner, including voice interaction.

The service will begin to be provided on the web and mobile channels and it is estimated that the first tests with the application will be ready during the spring of 2023.



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