„Bildungshaus NeckarPark“ will create ideal conditions to implement the latest concepts in pedagogy, Source: City of Stuttgart

Meet „Bildungshaus NeckarPark“ – Stuttgart’s largest educational project

Meet „Bildungshaus NeckarPark“ – Stuttgart’s largest educational project

The five-storey building will be made primarily from wood and combine a multitude of services

The City of Stuttgart is ready to start the largest educational construction project in the city - „Bildungshaus NeckarPark“. The five-storey building will be constructed primarily from wood and will combine educational and sports centres for both children and adults. While the 93-million-euro project was approved at the start of July, the deal with the construction company was signed last Friday.

A house for many generations

The „Bildungshaus NeckarPark“ building will take up 7,500 square metres near NeckarPark and will house an elementary school, sports centre, day-care centre and a centre for adult education, as well as spaces for outdoor activities.

The building is set to be complete in 2025, while the 93-million-euro contract was awarded to Wolff & Müller, Hoch‐ und Industriebau GmbH & Co.KG with the design by the cooperation partners Glück + Partner GmbH, Freie Architekten BDA and Pfrommer + Roeder Freie Landschaftsarchitekten BDLA IFLA.

First public schoolThe „Bildungshaus NeckarPark“ will be the first public school of its kind in Stuttgart,
Source: City of Stuttgart

The Mayor for Youth and Education Isabel Fezer was quoted in a press release emphasising the potential of the mixed-use building when it comes to bringing different generations together.

The main idea here is to geographically integrate educational services. In this way, the “Bildungshaus” can create a ‘red thread’, linking all its parts into a cohesive institution. One of the fundamental pillars behind the concept is the interlinked relationship between all-day elementary school and the day-care centre.

According to the head of the school administration office, Andreas Hein, this will help create a network of competencies and ideal conditions to implement the latest concepts in pedagogy.

First wooden hybrid school building in Stuttgart

In addition to the innovative educational concept, there is another special feature: the construction of the building. Sitting on top of a reinforced concrete base, the building will have five floors. However, all of them will be built using a hybrid technique involving wood. This will make wood the prevailing construction material, saving a considerable amount of CO2.

Additionally, there will be a striking green facade and large‐scale photovoltaic system, making this project stand out as an example of ecological, future-oriented architecture.

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